Earth Expo Company gives more emphasis on Innovation, Preachers and Development, Always struggle to get new and quality products for end user with all requirement of client to cope up with future demand.

Innovation of process and production aimed to provide the end users with the functional aspects of the products. It is also meant to maintain the sustainability of products and processes. Earth Expo Company has invested in R & D to bring out more & more value added products to keep up with customer requirements.

In today’s world need for Organic Products are arising day by day. We have our own farms as well as we do contract farming to meet the vast requirement of Organic products, which are thoroughly grown organically without any harmful pesticides or fertilizers. By growing Organic Crops we not only supplying organic products to overseas buyer, but we also protect our Mother Nature from harmful pollutants by avoiding harmful pesticides and fertilizers.

We believe in innovations, so we always try new sources from nature which are substitute of many harmful chemicals. We do follow IPM (Integrated Pest Management). We are continuously trying new innovative techniques to get best quality herbs and spices which is full of high nutrition and superior aroma with natural flavors.

After all the processes have been completed and the product has passed the inspection QAO (Quality Assurance Officer) will release the product. The batch record and a sample of the finished product are retained for future reference. If a customer has a question about a product QAO (Quality Assurance Officer) can refer to the retained sample of the lot in question.

Earth Expo Company is closely associated with the best laboratories of India and we timely keep on sending our sample for research and analysis to ensure high quality products. On clients request all our herbs and natural materials can be irradiated with Gamma Radiation/UV Radiation/ETO Treatment. This ensures sterilized raw material for highly sensitive Pharmaceutical and Ayurveda formulations.